The Swansea Wellbeing Centre, 

Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 5PQ



What results can I expect from Integrative Therapy sessions?

The benefits of using Integrative Counselling can include the following:

  • Understand what is causing you challenges in life

  • Recognise what triggers you into unhelpful behaviours

  • Try new behaviours that bring better results in life and relationships

  • Move beyond limitations you thought you had

  • Feel more balanced within your life in general

  • Set goals that you feel good about

  • Reach greater  potential of mind, body and spirit

  • Begin to approach life in a more open and available way

I will take a very thorough assessment and make sure I know you and your issues well before deciding on the best way forward.

Although I use a variety of theories and techniques I have extensive awareness and practice of how the different schools of thought work together.  This enables you to have an overall structure and cohesiveness that works to support you and ensure progress.

One of the important components of Integrative Therapy is the client and therapist relationship. During all your appointments I will be committed to your personal growth, seeing you as the unique individual that you are, and to create an open, warm, and empathic environment for you to learn about yourself.